The Hawaii Association of USA Track and Field (USATF Hawaii) conducts a summer track program for all ages, beginning mid-May and continuing through mid-July.  USATF Hawaii also conducts a cross country program in the fall, beginning in August and continuing through October.

These programs are open to all youth from ages 4 through 18 and adults ages 19 through 99+. All that is required to participate in these events is membership in USATF.  This membership covers the participant’s insurance, summer track fees, and other special opportunities.

Most youth members of USATF Hawaii belong to a local track club that provides structured practice and coaching.  There are more than a dozen such clubs in the state of Hawaii – a complete list can be found on our website – 
 Some of the added benefits to becoming a member of USA Track & Field:
  • Members-only digital downloads of Team USATF digital posters and autographed “Hero Cards” featuring your favorite medal-winning Team USATF athletes
  • $100 discount and free shipping on select NormaTec compression devices
  • Receive the latest news, sent directly to your email, in USATF’s monthly membership newsletter
  • Access to exclusive members-only web content
  • Sport accident insurance
  • Special discounts and offers
Please note: If you choose to join USATF this year, USATF Hawaii will reimburse your first-year’s membership fee and summer track fee. 
Becoming a member of USA Track & Field is easy.  Just click here to visit the online membership application to begin your application.