The Meeting was called to order by Vice President Joe Washington at 9:15 am.

Roll Call – the following individuals (and clubs/area represented) were in attendance: Walter
Thompson (Renegades), Jane Washington (Roadrunners), Richard Sutton (Officials), Paul
Doughtie (Tsunami), Jenny Doughtie (Tsunami), Ron Pate (Hawaii Champs), Joan Davis
(Hawaii Masters), Sanford Kawana (Mililani), Tom Chun (Big Island), Allan Fernandez (Maui),
Steve Jacobson (Hawaii Kai), Leland Tobias (Menehune), Gordon Scruton (Officials), Joni Chin
(Godspeed), Mark Zeug (Secretary), Joe Washington (VP). Attendance constituted a quorum.

Guest attending – Tom Confer, Western Region Representative.

The Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting were approved as distributed.

Financial Report of 2014 Compared to 2013 – through September 20, 2014, the Association
had income of $27,797.16, and expenditures of $12,407.60. This compares with total income in
2013 of $16,099.50, and expenditures of $10,891.87. Carryover from 2013 was $5,207.63.
Balance as of September 20, 2014 was $15,389.56. See September 20, 2014 summary, attached.

Committee Reports

Membership – as of September 20, 2014, USATF-Hawaii had 1,139 members of USATF,
including 623 males and 516 females. This compares with 1,094 members in 2013, which
included 616 males and 478 females; 234 were 18 or more years of age, and (eligible to vote for
officers in today’s elections), compared with 299 who were 18 or over at the end of 2013.
Oldest member was Gordon Scruton, at 81; oldest female was Joan Davis, 73. Youngest boy was
Joe Whitford IV, at 4; youngest girl was Teanajae Kuanu, one year old and age verified

Youth – Some 905 members were 17 and under, and thus part of the Hawaii junior Olympic
program (including 453 boys and 445 girls), compared with 795 who were in the youth program
in 2013. These members were divided among 18 recognized track clubs, with participation on
all islands except Molokai, Lanai and Kauai.
Six practice track and field meets were held from early June until July, followed by the
Association JO championships, and the Aloha State Games. Participation in these meets ranged
from around 300 to approximately 700 for the championships. All meets were held at the
University of Hawaii (where approximately one-third of the UH women’s track and cross country
teams are former JO participants).
In addition, four open cross-country meets were held in August; the state XC championship is
scheduled for November 15 at the University of Hawaii. A state indoor Masters championship
meet was held in February in conjunction with a UH Sunrise meet, and the state outdoor Masters
championship was held May 31.

Sanctions – in addition to USATF-Hawaii events, including those noted above, approximately
50 outside events were sanctioned by USATF-Hawaii through USATF-national by chair Ron
Pate. Outside sanction fee of $35 was maintained.

Officials – Dick Sutton reported that USATF-Hawaii has 87 certified officials, with all areas of
specialty represented. However, the Association is very thin on Racewalk officials, and has only
a limited number throws and jumps officials. Adequate staffing of high school, UH, and summer
track meets is an issue that needs work. Officials’ clinics were held on Oahu and the Big Island,
and are planned for Maui in 2015 (Maui is to host the state high school meet in 2015). Mark
Inay, a general official and accomplished starter, was named Official of the Year by the Officials’

Long Distance Running – LDR chair Joan Davis noted that the Association is required to run
three different LDR state championships, a 5K, 10K and a 20K-or-longer. USATF-Hawaii’s
10K championship was run in conjunction with the Aloha State Games 10K on June 15, with
nearly 200 participants. The 5K championship is set for November 22 at the University of
Hawaii, in conjunction with the inaugural UH Turkey Trot. Plans for a 20K event are pending.

National Associations Workshop – Joe Washington reported that there will no longer be a
Hershey’s track meet in Hawaii, as Hershey’s has changed its sponsorship, and partnered with USATF. (the details will be announced at the annual meeting in Anaheim.  He also
noted that the Hawaii Association has improved its accreditation standing with the national
organization, primarily due to improved financial conditions and increased championship events.
Desiree Friedman, announced that members of USATF will keep their assigned membership numbers for life, starting 1 January 2015 (member's assigned number on 1 January 2014, will carry over and renewal).
Election of Officers – the following slate of officers was proposed:
President – Joe Washington
Vice President – Richard Sutton
Secretary – Jenny Doughtie
Treasurer – Steve Jacobson
Athlete Representative – Tia Nakashima
Nominations were closed, and the slate was elected by acclimation, with no dissenting or
abstaining votes. According to USATF-Hawaii by-laws, the effective date for the new officers
will be January 1, 2015.

USATF Annual Meeting – Scheduled for December 2 - 5 in Anaheim, CA. Given the size of
USATF-Hawaii, a delegation of at least seven members is required for association accreditation.
Following discussion on who should attend, it was moved and seconded, and passed
unanimously, that incoming president Joe Washington should work out and assign the
delegation (he announced that he would personally notify the delegates selected). Association secretary is required to submit the delegation names to USATF
approximately two weeks prior to the meeting.
Other Business – Western Regional Representative Tom Confer described some successful traits that are being implemented by other associations in his region. E.g., the Southern California Association, which has around 7,500 members, divides responsibility for its summer track program among its various clubs, with each club taking on and running a meet. His association also has the wherewithal to hire its own secretary who keeps the accounts and administers association
business. He also noted that beginning November 1, 2014, an on-line course relating to child
abuse will be posted on the USATF website, and will be required of all adults working with
children – in addition to the currently required background checks.
Adjournment – there being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 am.